OMIKAI cloud-based MIS adopts Atomyx Prepare for integrated PDF Processing

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23-05-2024 - Karis Copp 

Dusseldorf, 28th May 2024 – At drupa, n° 1 trade show for printing technologies, OMIKAI, a leading cloud-based MIS vendor announces the integration of Atomyx Prepare to make artwork processing and quality control an integral part of its job onboarding workflow. Atomyx Prepare is a SaaS artwork processing API that allows other cloud-based systems such as e-Commerce, MIS, online personalisation platforms, and more to easily integrate artwork processing functionality without having to worry about licensing, infrastructure and scalability.

Atomyx Prepare is the first print dedicated artwork processing SaaS API. It allows for standards based preflighting, digital proofsheet creation, production specific file preparation such as adding die-lines, varnish or under-color white, or imposition, tiling and eyelet creation, all in a full SaaS environment, without having to worry about licensing, activation or hardware. Atomyx Prepare scales automatically according to the required processing bandwidth, catering for seasonality and peak production requirements.

“With Atomyx Prepare we’re aiming to take artwork processing for print and mass customization intro the 21st century.” says Toon Van Rossum, Head of Product for Atomyx. “While the print industry has been relatively early in digitisation, it has lagged in adopting Software-as-a-Services both as a business model and as a deployment method. Also, the use of modern, open API’s to integrate different platforms and functionality has been slow in print. We’re currently seeing a clear momentum to change that, with both other platform vendors and online print suppliers looking to add artwork processing functionality without having to worry about traditional software license deals and preferably opting for an API rather than more archaic integration methods”

As MIS, OMIKAI offers all the key functionality you expect from an MIS such as CRM, estimation, planning & scheduling, and logistics. Being native cloud-based users don’t have to deal with infrastructure and deployment. With an increasing amount of printing companies being multi-site, being cloud-based also makes the sharing and exchange of information significantly more easy. OMIKAI also has an open API for 2-way integration between OMIKAI and external systems and services.


“Being able to add artwork processing as part of our job onboarding workflow within OMIKAI has always been on our and our customers’ wishlist. The prospect of having to deal with legacy software and the hassle that comes along with that related to licensing, deployment, scalability and integration in our cloud-native environment has always put that on the back burner.”, comments Matthias Erlandsson, CEO of OMIKAI. “With Atomyx Prepare we speak a language we know. We can focus 100% on the functionality and the user experience of adding artwork processing to OMIKAI, making the integration significantly more cost effective. Thanks to the pay-per-use model, also the upfront investment is limited, making it a perfect match for us.”

About Atomyx

Launched in February 2024, Atomyx is a SaaS platform, consisting of three products, that aim to assist printers in moving from mass production to mass customisation. The three products are Atomyx Prepare, Atomyx Manage, and Atomyx Layout. Atomyx has been developed by Four Pees, a digital transformation agency that helps printers be more productive and profitable by developing and implementing connected automation solutions that streamline production from order intake to delivery.

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Omikai is known for its cloud-based MIS system that empowers the print and packaging sectors to streamline operations and enhance productivity. With an open scalable and future proof platform they are the catalyst in the transition to a more efficient and integrated complete customer solution. The system provides modules to handle the entire administrative workflow from eCommerce, CRM, estimation, planning, production, warehousing, logistics, finance, and business intelligence.

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